Introducing the 2022 Big-game hero

Matt Hansen

Matt, an avid outdoorsman from Idaho Falls, began hunting with his dad when he was young. The sport has become his most prized pastime. Spending time in the forest and chasing game helps Matt feel closer to the loved ones he lost in a tragic plane accident three years ago.

Matt can't wait to pursue the biggest mule deer bucks in Arizona. Not to mention, he’ll be loaded up with $25,000 for outfitting and gear! “It's a huge honor. I know there are thousands of men and women who would do anything to have this tag," Matt said after his win.

We want to extend our gratitude to all the hunters who competed and expressed their support for Conservation First USA in this year’s Competition. It’s been such a privilege to share our enthusiasm for hunting, and it was heartening to see a community come together to support initiatives to protect the wilderness for future generations.

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Heather Beck

Calyber Davis

Randy Roundy

Ian McCormick

Jose Perez

Stephen Moreno

Kenneth Watson


Conservation First USA was founded by a volunteer group of sportsmen and sportswomen in 2006 as a way to raise substantial money for wildlife habitat work in Arizona. Every dollar raised by the charity goes directly into conservation efforts in the Southwest, from providing and maintaining water catchments to species relocation and introduction. Big-Game Hero raised over $989,000 for Conservation First USA in 2022.



The famous AZ Commissioner's Kaibab Mule Deer tag is up for grabs. One of the most exclusive tags in the hunting world, awarded to our charity partner, Conservation First USA, by the Arizona Game & Fish Commission, could be yours. What makes this tag unique? The hunting season is year-round, allowing the Big-Game Hero plenty of time to pursue their hunt. It's the hunt of a lifetime.

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This isn't our first rodeo! In 2021 Cooper Duennenberg took home the title of Big-Game Hero and went on a 5-day Bull Elk Hunt with Turner Ranch Outfitting at Vermejo in New Mexico in September of 2022. Cooper is a Texas native who first fell in love with the sport as a kid when his dad brought him along on a hunt. He's been hooked ever since!